Prayer Report Updates


November 2015
Daily Intercessory Prayer Plan
for Sovereign Grace Community Church
Petaluma, California

  1. That God would bless our Pastor and Elders as the serve the Lord here at SGCC (Heb. 13:17)
  2. That God would provide for our financial needs for the month of November (Phil 3:19).
  3. That God will bless our preparation and ability to worship Him and minister in our community.
  4. That God would bless the day of worship and Bible study with a sense of His presence.
  5. That God might exalt His name in the community (Exodus 34:5; Psalm 46:10)
  6. That God will give us a heart to evangelize (Acts 1:8)
  7. That God would bless those who have partnered with SGCC (Phil 4:10)
  8. That God would bless the work of the Gideons and our partnering with them.
  9. That God would bless the anniversary of our 10-10-10 launch!
  10. That God would bring guests to worship with us tomorrow.
  11. That will bless our worship service and that many would be led to join us on Sunday.
  12. That God will bless the follow up work we do with our visitors
  13. That God will extend His Gospel of Jesus Christ in this community (Matthew 6:10)
  14. For God to reveal specific strategies in proclaiming the Gospel to the community (Acts 8:26)
  15. That God would give us a passion to carry out the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20)
  16. That God will bring together believers seeking God’s glory in the community (Acts 10:30-33)
  17. That God will grant a spirit of persistence in those who are praying for the community (Luke 21:36; Colossians 1:11)
  18. That God will enable to worship Him today in spirit and truth
  19. That God will allow us to find favor in the eyes of the unchurched (Acts 5:12-14)
  20. That God would bless the ministry of our Elders as the meet to seek His direction for SGCC.
  21. That God will give His ways of effectively reaching this community to SGCC (Acts 18:9-10)
  22. That God will create a network of care and support in proclaiming the Gospel (Phil 1:18-19)    
  23. That God will bring many “workers” in this “field” (Matthew 9:38)
  24. That God would bring those to serve in our Youth ministry (2 Timothy 3:14-15)
  25. That God would bless the Reformation Worship Service this afternoon.
  26. That God would bless our gift of boxes given to Operation Christmas Child
  27. That God would bless the development and outreach of our Counseling ministry
  28. That God will save unbelievers in this community (John 3:16; 1 Timothy 2:3)
  29. That God will raise up believers who are passionate about reaching this community for Christ (Philippians 1:12-14)
  30. That God would bless the plans we have for next month. 
  31. By becoming a part of the Prayer Team for the Sovereign grace Community Church of Petaluma I covenant before God that I will pray daily for the work and development of our church; for its leaders, its mission, core values, and vision; for its influence in our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that SGCC would be a faithful church with a passion to serve by His grace and for His glory.