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April 17th Update

Weekend Trip to Disaster Areas by Katie Cole Tonight I'm almost too near exhaustion to write but know many of you have been praying for us so wanted to give you a brief update before I crash.  We made it back safely from Tohoku late this afternoon.  I'm still processing feelings and images of the 3 days.  So thankful that we were able to make this trip and see so many things close up - not only the destruction, but the hope in seeing so many people working...

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Japan Update, April 1, 2011

Tonight I was able to call Tim’s cell phone from my computer and found out that he and the guys he traveled up north with are already headed back to Tokyo.  Tim said they gave away all the supplies they brought with them along with some of their personal things that people needed.  He said there wasn’t really work for them to do anywhere so they decided to head on back.  Tim kept saying that things were “unreal, completely unreal.”  There were...

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Japan Update, March 27

I just realized tonight that I haven’t sent out a report since March 22.  I don’t want to take advantage of your concern for us by writing too many emails, but I also want to be sure you know how we are doing.  A lot has happened in the last 5 days so there’s much to fill you in on.  We are up to 799 earthquakes in the last 16 days.  Tim said he didn’t feel any of them today even though there were 14 of them.  We’ve been blessed by...

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Japan Update, March 20

Deciding where to start and what to write each week is no easy task!  In the wake of all the earthquakes here there’s more to write than you would probably want to read.  We both have Facebook accounts where we post things regularly.  If you have a Facebook account please be sure to “friend” us as we would love to keep in touch that way.  To make finding me easier my FB name is Katie Fountain Cole and you get to Tim from there.  I’ve also...

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